Sunday, September 22, 2013

A Complex-Powerful-Hybrid Processor - THE MIND

Hello guys, this post are not related to information security. It was an incident which happened yesterday to me. After it got finished I deeply analyzed it. Yesterday I went to job. My job is to take care 70 year old grandpa. Usually we got to 3 walk and come back. Then I serve them his dinner and I leave the house. 

Yesterday I reached at home around 4.45 pm in noon. I put bag near the artificial kitchen of little girl. She used to play and cook in her kitchen. Baby is 2 year old. That little girl has 2 elder brothers having age of 4 year old and 3 year old. These 3 children are very naughty. Baby is cute and very clever. Boys are funny, naught and lazy. Usually after coming from home they do not keep their stuff at their proper place. One of the elder brother's school bag is 90% identical to my college bag. Now what happened is at that day I left my bag at that toy kitchen. Boys use to remove their bags, shoes over there after coming home from the school. 

Then I went with grandpa for a walk. We had a 3 kilometer walk and both we together burned 1500 kilo calorie. After I came to home and we went to upstairs. I finished my remaining work (serving grandpa, make him wear night dress etc...). When I came downstairs and went to that kitchen my bag was not there. :o. (Mind state - Frustrated, Shock, In Anger).

I asked granny that where is my bag. She replied, “I just woke up and no one came to home." I started asking question like I am a CID officer. My first question: Have you seen that which color of my bag is? She replied, "Yeah I know it’s black". 2nd Question: You know me every day put it here and collect it from here. She replied, “Yes, I know beta...” (She used word beta {Beta word is used to  => my mind's analysis : she is trying to make me calm(where I was not in anger though, But my curiosity of finding bag turned me into an investigation officer => This is the reason she’s trying to make me c3=Cool+Calm+Collected ). Afterwards I went upstairs to search my bag (which I had already put downstairs). After some time granny told me that my sister in law and her two sons (that little girl's brothers) went to their KARATE classes. (Believe me their sir gave these 3 and 4 year child red belt in Karate):D. I immediately called aunty and she was on the way to home only. Though while driving she confirmed that there is no any black bag in her car taken by her or by mistakenly her sons. I sit down somewhere and just waiting for aunty to come home so she can find it in each and every corner of house. Meanwhile granny told me that, “Will you please check behind the sofa, because their grandsons use to throw their stuffs over there.” I was very curious and run away to sofa (Mind state phase One 50% Thinking = this is the last hope, Mind state Phase two 50% Thinking = GOD!! please help me, Facial Expression – Like a really poor person, begging to god for food.) I went there and I got my bag.

Well, this is the phase where actually my aim of writing this story gets start. The reason and the meaning of the title named 3 states of mind starts here. So moving forward I took my bag and went to the bus stop. Luckily & unfortunately my bus was 17 minutes late. I took a sit and started waiting for the bus. Lucky, because I got a time to revise this entire thing and that is why you are watching this story on my blog. Unfortunately, because I was actually waiting for bus and which is a tedious thing. I recalled that entire thing in 17 minutes and came to know very interesting thing about mind, the various states of mind. I am sure you guys haven’t read of noticed what I am going to describe now. Yes it may vary from case to case, situation to situation but the core aspects of these states will be same I guess. I might be wrong or might be right. 

The primary reason of being curious to find my bag is my wallet. Unfortunately I kept my wallet in the bag on that day only. What was there in my wallet? 

1.      My university ID card
2.      My Bank Credit card
3.      My Bank Debit card
4.      Foreign Money exchange service card
5.      Traveling card
6.      National Traveling card
7.      Some sort of cash

Now the thing is that these states of mind which I am going to describe you is for only those cases where your those things gets disappear/stolen/misplaced without which you cannot survive a bit. So moving forward there I analyzed the whole scenario and came to know that when your very very crucial things get stolen/disappear/misplaced mind creates it’s 3 different states within itself. Those 3 states are mentioned as below:

State 1 – NFS GAME - Game over State: As I told you that mind creates 3 states so each states occupy 33.33% of whole mind. Now in this 1st state of mind what happens? Here you mind acts like NFS game. After you get loose your game in NFS you recall the race and you try to find out where I was stuck in whole track? After you found that you made conclusion with reason that I was stuck here for some sort of seconds/minutes that is why I lost the match. While recalling whole race, you see every checkpoint in your mind that yes I completed first check point without getting stuck, ok I completed 2nd as well without getting stuck and I stuck at 3rd checkpoint. These NFS game scenario works exactly same in real life scenario too. As soon as you lost your things your mind start recalling all the scenes/places/areas from where you have started journey. I started my part from home saying myself that, “Yes I took my bag from home. (1st checkpoint confirmed). Then I went to train station I entered into train made my journey and left the destination train station. Meanwhile I was having bag with me. (2nd checkpoint confirmed). This is your first state of mind where you go into the past and recall all that things happened to you, places where have you been etc...

State 2 – Impact of the happening: This is a second state which also occupies 33.33% of whole mind. In this state you start wondering the impact of what happened to you. In my case I started wondering worst scenarios as follows:

·         I lost my university identity card, how will I enter to university?
·         I lost my bank credit/debit card, how will I do transaction?
·         I lost my travelling card, how will I go to home from here now?
·         I do not have cash here right now, how will I go to home now?
·         Whom should I call for help?
·         Who are near to me and May able to come for help?
So this is the 2nd state of mind in which you start shooting questions to your mind. REMEMBER STATE 1 IS ALSO HAPPENING SIMULTANEOUSLY WITH THIS STATE 2.

State 3 – Exploring Solutions: In this state of mind you try to find out the solution. When brain is shooting a ton of questions to you, you make yourself first calm and you tell your brain to think and act carefully and slowly. Then you slowly start exploring solution for that question. In my case I started in this methodology. I thought first to borrow some money from that family and to reach my home first. Then I made a plan. First I thought to call immediate service of bank and to stop my all cards so that my money doesn’t go out anywhere else by someone (which I was assuming the worst case scenario). Then only thing in night can I do is to call my university and to fix appointment for the solution of lost identity card. Then I assumed previous night that, my meeting will be in the bank next day so before going to university I will go to bank and will do the procedure for getting new cards. Etc... So thus how I made my plan. And again also remember that STATE 3 IS ALSO HAPPENING ALONG WITH STATE 1 AND STATE 2.

When I was making this plan while sitting in the house and waiting for the aunty to come, Granny told me to see my bag if it is there behind the sofa or not. Hopefully it was there and I got it. Writing this article is to make you understand how your brain is Powerful and complex. It acts as a 3 core i7 high speed processors at a time. Imagine I just wrote these 3 states in text, then how actually it would be in real world.