Thursday, August 29, 2013

CyberCrime - From A Different View Point

Many of you are already familiar with cyber crime. I am just going to share which are the areas in cyber crime that one should keep in mind apart from only hacking and bank fraud. These areas are also called as "Traditional Crime Techniques".

In this article I am going to compare traditional crime techniques to the cyber crime techniques and methodologies. We will come to know how common is that in the real world and how hacker got an idea of doing digital crime by analyzing real world traditional crime.

1. Child Exploitation in real world happens when a child see some porn pics in magazines and news paper. It can be also happen by watching tv and other porn movies by cd/dvd etc. Child exploitation in computing world happens when a minor watch porn on pornographic websites. There are ton of websites for that.

2. Burglary in real world means some one breaks the door, window to enter into the house with purpose of stealing something. Burglary in computing world is known as Hacking as we all know. Hacking is known as computer or network instructions provided by hackers to gain unauthorized access.

3. Identity theft in real world can be done by dumpster diving in which malicious person check all the post cards, posts coming to his/her victim's house. He checks all those posts after it get thrown into the bin by victim himself/herself. Those cards can disclose their bank details bank ids, and much more. Identity theft in computing world is done by gaining someone's identity and acting or performing some task. Those task are typically for economic gain only.

4. Fake Callers in real world do calls to their victim in order to gain some information directly from victim. Many of them are usually happens as a bank customer care in order to be disclosed bank account pin by victim himself/herself. In computing world it is known as Phishing. Its called as a scam which exploits user's mind and make them click and submit their valuable information and credentials to the victim.

5. We have seen a lot of cases of Extortion in real world. In computing world the term is called as Internet Extortion. Someone breaks the security and gain access to whole network and does extortion to the network's owner in order to get some money via bank transaction.

By this view point we can understand cyber-crime and traditional crime are very similar. Computer invented later on people have been doing tradition crime since many times. Hackers learned from them.