Saturday, September 28, 2013

Detecting Firewall/IPS via hping3 Before Starting Your Pentest

Before starting your network/web application security auditing it is always good to detect whether your target server is running any firewall/IPS or not. It has been always a best practice and method to send some crafted packets to the server in order to check the response form the server. In this article you will learn how to craft packets and how to send the server on their various ports using hping3. Also you will analyze each and every request coming and going from your machine to your target. Here my target is which's IP I have taken.

Sunday, September 22, 2013

A Complex-Powerful-Hybrid Processor - THE MIND

Hello guys, this post are not related to information security. It was an incident which happened yesterday to me. After it got finished I deeply analyzed it. Yesterday I went to job. My job is to take care 70 year old grandpa. Usually we got to 3 walk and come back. Then I serve them his dinner and I leave the house. 

Yesterday I reached at home around 4.45 pm in noon. I put bag near the artificial kitchen of little girl. She used to play and cook in her kitchen. Baby is 2 year old. That little girl has 2 elder brothers having age of 4 year old and 3 year old. These 3 children are very naughty. Baby is cute and very clever. Boys are funny, naught and lazy. Usually after coming from home they do not keep their stuff at their proper place. One of the elder brother's school bag is 90% identical to my college bag. Now what happened is at that day I left my bag at that toy kitchen. Boys use to remove their bags, shoes over there after coming home from the school.