Monday, July 1, 2013

How I fixed Metasploit Database Connectivity Problem

While working on windows exploit last night when I tried to run metasploit it was not able to connect with the database. But metasploit was running fine. When I searching for particular exploit, it wasn't able to give me the result and was giving me below error.

Then I thought its asking me something for localhost problem. I clearly remember I was also working on nessus as well so thought to stop the nessus service and let me run msf again. Though result was the same.

Then I gave netstat -anp | grep LISTEN command in order to check all ports and everything.Then I came to know that postgresql serivice was not running which comes in the bundled within metasploit installer.

So I started postgresql service via this command after going into /etc/init.d/ folder.

Then i started metasploit service.

Now when I checked for msfconsole command, It was nont giving me any error and was running smoothly.

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