Friday, February 16, 2018

Datasploit usage using docker container - OSINT

Datasploit performs automated OSINT on a domain / email / username / IP and find out relevant information from different sources. Easy to contribute OSINT Framework. Code for Banner, Main and Output function. Datasploit automatically do rest of the things for you. Useful for Pen-testers, Bug Bounty Hunters, Cyber Investigators, Product companies, Security Engineers, etc.Collaborate the results, show them in a consolidated manner. Tries to find out credentials, api-keys, tokens, sub-domains, domain history, legacy portals, usernames, dumped accounts, etc. related to the target. Can be used as library, automated scripts or standalone scripts.Can generate lists which can be feeded to active scan tools.Generates HTML, along with text files.
Below is the video for setting up datasploit using docker. Since standalone installation has more dependencies issues, I thought of using docker. Also in this video I am going to explain few troubleshooting part of using datasploit.



Nilkanth Vadukar said...

Keep posting good stuff, am regular person to read your blog. As am intermediate level for learning security testing. Reading each post day by day.

Want to know more about mobile platform penetration with live scenarios and practice.

Its better to just guide us.

Thanks for the blog.

Nilkanth Vadukar said...

Thanks Chintan for creating the blog, As i initiate my career as Security test engineer, your blog is really helpful to understand concepts and scenarios.

Looking forward for more post.

Cheers !